I have always had an interest in web-development and began to scratch the surface with each of the positions I have held during the last 10 years. At the end of 2016, I decided to enroll in the Bloc “Web Developer Track” and have not looked back.

My decision to enroll stemmed from my desire to take my design knowledge to the next level. I had been designing web interfaces with Photoshop and was passing those designs to a web-developer. After seeing my designs being turned into a fully functioning website, I started wondering how I could skip the hand-off process and create them myself. I began looking into the skills required and the more I looked into it, the more interesting it all seemed.

And so began my web-design career. After checking out a few options, I decided Bloc was the way to go, as I was able to continue with my day job but spend my evenings learning all of the new skills required to set me up with my dream job. I had some basic HTML knowledge already but was ready to dive in and play around with some CSS.

I soon discovered many new coding languages which would eventually become second nature to me, and after only a few short weeks, I was diving in and building applications such as a digital music player in the vein of Spotify.

At this point I was beyond just making a site “look nice,” I was able to have it function any way I wanted with formulas, loops, modals, and anything else I had been unfamiliar with just a couple of months ago.

It is a journey where I find myself continually learning with great enjoyment as I discover what is possible in the field of web-development.