As I jumped into coding, I soon discovered that learning all of the coding languages was surprisingly enough like learning a new spoken language. All of the similarities are there: you begin by watching and reading a few tutorials, followed by picking up some key phrases and trying them out. It is not until you begin to fully immerse yourself and let go of any fear that you start to finally grasp the language.

In 2007 I had the opportunity to move to Spain for a new job. Although I had no experience with the Spanish language, it was an opportunity I could not pass on. My first step towards learning Spanish was to enroll in a class with fellow recent transplants from around the world. During the day I would listen to work colleagues and try to pick up and understand what I could. This then gave me the confidence to try out what I had learned with my Spanish friends, and before long I was having full conversations in Spanish.

It has been a similar experience with learning coding languages. After enrolling at Bloc and beginning with some tutorials, it was not long before I was practicing writing a few lines of code. Then, with more practice, my confidence grew and I was soon creating full websites from scratch.

As with learning a spoken language, the best way to enhance my language skills with coding has been to practice and speak to others who also have a knowledge of the language, pushing me one step closer to fluency.