Bloc Chat is a responsive Chat Room application which sends and receives messages in real time using AngularJS and Firebase.


A site needed to be built where the user could view a list of available chat rooms, set a user name and send messages associated with their username as well as have the ability to create new chat rooms.


The site was built with Angular JS and uses the Firebase service to control the messages and rooms.


The end result is a simple yet clean Chat Room application which allows the user to set their username and view or create a new chat room where they can send messages and view responses in real time.

When the user first accesses the site they are presented with a modal which asks them to create a username. If the user does not create a username they will be unable to proceed to the list of chat rooms.

Once the user has registered their username they are able to view and select a current chatroom or create a new one and send messages.

Each message is then displayed on the right with the username and time/date of entry.


Building the site with AngularJS and Firebase provides a powerful single page application. The added use of Modals allows users to interact with the application in a seamless manor.